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Science - Darwin in da house

Hip-hop artist Baba Brinkman is looking for backing from schools to help promote the understanding of science through rap.

Baba, whose breakthrough came in 2004 with his Rap Canterbury Tales, was funded by the Wellcome Trust earlier this year to make a series of music videos for his show, the Rap Guide to Evolution, a hip-hop exploration of modern evolutionary biology.

The funding has paid for filming and editing the videos, but he wants to raise cash to "take them to the next level" by weaving in original animation, digital effects, and high-quality nature footage.

His solution is known as "crowdfunding", which allows interested parties to pre-buy the DVD before it is finished. If the target of pound;10,000 is not reached within 60 days, funders get their money back.

Baba says the finished product will be "part Eminem-style rap music video, part David Attenborough-style nature documentary, illustrating themes such as the common descent of all human beings from African ancestors and the processes of natural and sexual selection".

To view a preview, search for the Baba Brinkman - Rap Guide to Evolution Educational DVD trailer on Pre-buy the DVD at

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