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Science - Diamond resource - Guards vs thieves

TES science adviser Alessio Bernardelli has created an interactive game with a crown jewel theme.

What is it?

A PowerPoint game where two teams - guards and thieves - are pitted against each other in a test of scientific knowledge. Topics range from covalent and ionic bonds to the properties of metals.

Each question is multiple choice with three potential solutions. If a team gets an answer right, they continue to play. If not, questioning passes to the other team. If the thieves win, they have succeeded in stealing the crown jewels. If the guards triumph, they have proven their royal allegiance by nabbing the criminals.

Who is it for?

Key stage 4 physics and chemistry students.

Why is it useful?

This topical game is ready to use and provides a quick way of assessing students' knowledge. It's also an engaging post-exam activity.

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