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Science - Interactive web of life

What is it?

Animals and plants need each other to survive. A simple enough premise, but how do we teach about the web of life? The "Food Chains" collection includes all the resources you need, from PowerPoints to introduce the key terms and diagrams, to ideas for practical lessons, to homework sheets to revise the learning.

What's in it

An interactive resource for pupils to construct their own food chains, complete with pictures, labels and text explanation, comes with word and image banks for upper primary, uploaded by PurpleMash.com2simple.

An interactive explanation book on a woodland habitat has been put together by TESiboard. This includes colourful illustrations and text explaining woodland food chains, and two text levels mean it can be used across P1-3 and P4-6, with audio support for younger pupils.

A presentation on food chains, from BeeTS, includes worksheets for P5-7 pupils to complete, while a PowerPoint from Lamentations looks at creatures in their environment, how they depend on each other and how they contribute to the ecology of the earth and can be used to stimulate discussion and questions.

Two interactive resources from NGfLCymru are particularly useful for looking at food chains. One is designed to extend pupils' knowledge of feeding relationships and includes a link to a revision video. It also sets pupils the challenge of producing their own food web, based on a tropical rainforest ecosystem. The other is an introduction to food chains for P4-5 pupils, who can work through a series of food chains to identify the correct order.

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