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Science on the internet


Aimed at key stage 3, this site is the result of a partnership between the Institute of Physics, the Royal Society of Chemistry and 4Learning. The aim is to motivate pupils while they learn and reinforce their knowledge through a series of interactive games. Energy Quest is about energy and nutrition. The main game is set on three holiday islands where energy problems must be solved before the start of the holiday season. One island is hot, one cold and one has few mines! Fashion Victim applies knowledge of the properties of various materials to the purchase of clothing and use for various activities. Cotton, kevlar, wool, silk, nylon, lycra and polyester are covered.

Sound Park provides audio samples and covers activities on sound and light.

There is a chance to compose music and upload it to the Channel 4 site for others to hear. The games are good and are closely linked to national curriculum science requirements although they take quite a long time to play so a few lessons in the computer suite is appropriate rather than a quick 10 minutes before the bell.

There are also quizzes, and information for teachers, parents and students.

High scores are recorded as an incentive to beat and the games are designed to appeal to those who enjoy using their computer games skills as well as those with a good scientific background.

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