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Science - Inventors challenged

Young inventors can submit their innovations to a UK-wide competition.

The British Science Association wants pupils aged 5-16 to investigate the problems of modern life and come up with their own technological solutions.

Alexander Graham Bell and Tim Berners-Lee, inventors of the telephone and the internet, have been cited by the association as possible inspiration: "They saw a unique opportunity and their creations changed the world."

Entries to the National Science and Engineering Week competition, "How do you solve a problem like .?", must be in the form of a poster with a drawing of the invention, an explanation of the problem it will solve, and how it works. This year's theme is "communication".

Each age-category winner will receive a Nintendo DS and a game, as well as a hands-on science show for his or her class.

The closing date for the competition, supported by BlackBerry, is March 21. National Science and Engineering Week takes place from March 11- 20.


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