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Science - Jubilee gems - Forensics at the Tower

Turn your classroom into a regal CSI with a series of activities on TES Resources. Using scientific exploration, pupils test diamonds and crowns to make sure the crown jewels are fit for a queen.

What is it?

In fiendishlyclever's The Mystery of the Crown Jewels, pupils receive a mock-memo from the palace asking them to test the authenticity of the crown jewels. Is the crown solid gold? How do they know? Pupils have to write a group report explaining how to do this without damaging the crown. They are given the key words "density", "displacement", "volume", "mass" and "Archimedes' principle" to help them get started. The lesson includes videos to stimulate ideas.

The Smuggling of the Queen's Diamonds, shared by alessio, gets pupils to think about separating mixtures. The lesson starts with an experiment where pupils separate salt crystals and glass chips. They are then given a context: "Criminals have been stopped at the border with a suspicious salt mixture; police think they may have stolen some of the Queen's diamonds."

Using their knowledge from the experiment, pupils must explain how the salt could be examined to reveal any trace of diamonds.

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