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Science - On the podium

It all STEMs from this ...

London 2012 sponsor Cisco hopes to inspire innovators of the future through a number of educational projects using the Olympic Games as a starting point. Its latest venture was a one-day workshop run by TeenTech encouraging teenagers to get interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) careers.

What is it?

In one of the activities, pupils created mobile phone apps including Fitness4Life, which aimed to help reduce obesity, and a virtual doctor app offering basic diagnosis based on symptoms. They also had the opportunity to race a virtual skeleton bobsleigh (used to train athletes). By the end of the day, beliefs about science being "boring" had changed. Pupil Amara said: "I want to be an entrepreneur. It would be cool to create ideas."

What else?

To find out how to get your class involved in future TeenTech workshops, visit

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