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Biology: survival of the fittest

Biology: survival of the fittest

What is it?

A PowerPoint lesson for post-16 biology that examines and explains the consequences of the four observations listed by Darwin in his theory of natural selection. This lesson focuses on speciation.

How to use it

Deliberately sparing with text, this is designed to prompt discussion and debate among pupils about how new species can be formed from existing ones, depending on migration and specific environment - for example, the finches and tortoises of the Galapagos.

And finally

Peripatric speciation allows new species to form in peripheral sections of the main population. For example, there is a London Underground mosquito that differs significantly from its relatives above ground.

What else?

Visit the TES science forums for links to a Darwin focus group and information on Hubert Sauper's film Darwin's Nightmare, which can provide a useful basis for teaching in a number of subjects, particularly biology, economics, politics, RE, PSHE and English.

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