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Science - Resource of the week

Seeds of knowledge

Spring is the best time to get outside and grow pupils' understanding of plants. TES science adviser Alessio Bernardelli has created a concise collection of the best resources for blossoming botanists.

What is it?

The collection is split into:

- the life cycle of plants;

- germination;

- classification of plants;

- plant structure and nourishment;

- moss, lichen and fungi.

Each section starts with a BBC Class Clips video including a simple explanation of pollination and a time-lapse sequence of a seed becoming a seedling. This allows pupils to see months of natural development in just a few seconds.

The videos are followed by a series of excellent teacher resources relevant to the sub-topic. These include a PowerPoint of the life cycle of a plant, schemes of work and lesson plans, role play science experiments, a leaf ID-key task and a "spot the fungi" hunt.

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