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Going the distance

Imaginative costumes and serious athletes come together once again on Sunday 22 April to make their way around the 26.2-mile London Marathon course. Check your pupils' knowledge of fitness, diet and respiration with these topical key stage 3 resources.

- Marathon Millions: see how much students already know with Simon Porter's Who Wants To Be A Millionaire-themed quiz.

- Warm Up: get pupils active with Teach_Biology's fitness tests. Are they as supple as a synchronised swimmer or as fit as a footballer?

- Experiment: help students identify how much energy is in foods and energy drinks with quick starter experiments from jacqui1974.

- Assess: test students' knowledge of aerobic and anaerobic respiration with a quick quiz by funforester.

What else?

As the weather gets warmer and Olympic fever heats up, take pupils outside. Who can run the fastest? How does their exercise and diet affect this? Look into a marathon runner's ideal diet and training routine, and discuss why these are vital to their success.

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Tes Editorial

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