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Science - Resource of the week


The National Schools Partnership, Thomson and First Choice have created the Eco-Traveller educational programme.

What is it?

Available on TES Resources, the material for key stage 2 pupils covers science, literacy, geography, history and PSHE. Pupils can learn about different cultures, communities and the environment. They can discover the flavours of Mexico or the marine life of Egypt, the forests of Kenya or the beauty of the West Country. Activities include:

- investigating the effect of climate change in Cyprus;

- developing a tourist itinerary for a trip to Sri Lanka;

- writing tales inspired by the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland.

Why is it useful?

Simple true-or-false and sorting activities help pupils to identify facts, and discussions and creative tasks develop their enquiry skills.

In the forums

A teacher is looking for advice on organising an eco week at school. Can you help?

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