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Iron out the bugs

Help pupils to understand the difference between useful and dangerous bacteria with TES Resources content partner e-Bug.

What is it?

A free, interactive website, funded by the European Commission, where pupils can delve into the world of microbes through stimulating games and activities.

How does it work?

It is divided into three areas: junior, senior and teachers. Both pupil sections offer a fact file on diseases, revision guide, games, quiz and scientists' hall of fame. Pupils are encouraged to investigate which microbes are lurking in their houses. Fast-paced computer games teach them how to kill bacteria and viruses, keep a kitchen clean and prevent germs spreading. The teacher section includes detailed lesson plans, student activities, animations and demonstrations.

Why is it useful?

The website keeps pupils engaged and encourages them to explore the topics. Lesson plans are concise and well-presented with animations that make even non-specialists feel like microbe experts.

If you want a specific topic, check out its TES Resources profile for direct links to areas such as immunity, food hygiene or vaccines.

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