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Science revisions so mad they could be work of a nutty professor

In commenting on the Con-Lib Government's possible changes to the primary curriculum ("Fearful over curriculum revisions", Letters, June 18), your correspondents, members of the UK Literary Association, are right to be concerned, even though their "subject" is likely to be protected.

On an informed guess there will be only minor changes to English (yet more emphasis on phonics) and to mathematics (more demanding content in Years 5 and 6) but a major strengthening of the "established discipline" of Niall Ferguson-type history.

Whatever time is left will be "freed up" for schools to provide other components of a purported "broad and balanced" curriculum. Such a curriculum supposedly for the early 21st-century would not be a liberal one but it would be a con and an imperial (and imperious) one.

Professor Colin Richards, Spark Bridge, Cumbria.

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