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Science - Starters on materials

What is it?

"Primary Science - Lesson Starters - Materials" is a collection for use mainly in key stage 2 science (P4-7).

Getting started

There are two full-length videos in this collection. The first, Teeth, Springs, Rocks and Other Topics, provides a range of subjects selected from the QCA and Department for Education's schemes of work in England, but they include useful areas for Scottish teachers too, such as Materials; Living Things and Physical Processes. The clips comprise a mixture of entertaining documentary and drama scenarios that end with a question for the class. The second, Changing State, Micro-Organisms and Other Topics, offers seven interactive whiteboard lesson starters. Again, each clip introduces a different scientific topic through documentary or drama, this time ranging from water and evaporation to the science of sounds. A year group is suggested for each clip ranging from Year 3 through to Year 6 (P3-P6).

Taking it further

Also included in the lesson starters collection are short clips on a variety of topics. For classes on changing state, Evaporation and Condensation: Robinson Crusoe Makes Drinking Water provides an imaginative context for investigating the purification of water, using evaporation and distillation. For lessons in grouping materials, Properties of Fabrics: The Cross-Country Run uses an amusing scenario to explore the properties of fabrics. This would be ideal for a lesson starter in upper primary. Other primary science video collections include lesson ideas, living things, physical world (light and sound), force and motion.

Where to find it

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