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Science - Videos from Teachers TV

What the lesson is about

This collection of resources contains videos from Teachers TV to help in the teaching of primary science. A number of topics are covered, including electricity, materials and forces, and primary teachers are shown sharing their best lesson ideas.

Getting started

When introducing your pupils to forces and motion, the corresponding video from Teachers TV will give you plenty of inspiration for activities that will engage them with the topic. For key stage 1 (P1-3) pupils, Year 2 teacher Jess Scott encourages her class to model a Big Bad Wolf and describe which forces they are using. Forces and friction topics are covered in Kate Mottram's rocket balloon challenge, suitable for children in KS2 (P4-7).

Understanding how light and sound travel is another important topic within the science curriculum. The Light and Sound video includes innovative tips and ideas for you to bring to your classroom. Year 56 teacher Kate Widdowson introduces the terms "transparent", "translucent" and "opaque" to her pupils by asking them to conduct an investigation to see which materials allow light through them. To demonstrate how light travels in straight lines, Lucy Blackmore recommends using periscopes with upper- primary pupils. David Aston explains sound vibrations with elastic bands and string tied to coat hangers. He also looks at pitches using bottles of water.

Taking it further

Other ideas featured in the videos include a DIY lava lamp with raisins and lemonade, an irreversible change experiment with simple kitchen ingredients in Materials, and a role-play circuit activity in Electricity.

Where to find it

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