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Science - Virtually beyond Darwin

A new evolution-sceptic resource for science teachers and students has been launched in the form of a virtual museum.

The World Around Us claims to present "evidence" from scientific and historical journals that question evolutionary theory.

Its developers say the site does not draw conclusions but is intended to stimulate students' curiosity and encourage them to consider alternative explanations to the scientific evidence. Topics include the big bang theory, the origin of life, biological evolution, the fossil record and deep time.

"The museum presents over 150 'exhibits' as evidence from mainstream science to encourage discussion, and suggests the evidence points to a paradigm crisis in evolutionary theory," said a spokesperson. "The content has been prepared by a group of scientists, historians and educationists who practise or have practised in the mainstream of their subjects. They approach the topics from a Christian perspective, looking beyond the purely materialistic philosophies which can influence interpretation in science and the historical sciences. They are not alone in questioning Darwinian philosophies, and those with other world views are included among the resources listed on the site."

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