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Score a goal for Europe

The Football Association and the National Union of Teachers have launched a national competition which aims to make pupils feel positive about Europe before next year's European Football Championship which will be hosted by England, writes Diane Spencer.

Schools are invited to enter one class in a regional competition to produce a piece of work such as a story, poem, article, music, a mural,or a set of postcards which relates to the theme of Euro '96 and is based on the study of two European countries including a lesser-known one. Alan Evans, the competition co-ordinator, said the aims were to improve young people's knowledge of Europe, foster positive feelings to other countries and counter prejudice. The competition will complement the FA and Commission for Racial Equality campaign to "kick racism out of football", launched two years ago.

The four winning classes will get tickets for the final next June. Other prizes will be awarded by Canon and Philips Electronics.

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