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Scotch mist

I hope other English teachers enjoyed the key stage 3 Shakespeare Sat writing task as much as I did. I'm glad my pupils' understanding of Macbeth was tested in such a rigorous and challenging way, and I am certain that they felt my detailed teaching enabled them to write fine agony aunt letters to their friends.

Some suggestions for future writing task questions:

* Macbeth and Banquo are both men. Task: write a story about a man.

* Macbeth has a tongue, which is also a type of meat. Task: Write a short story about some meat.

* Macbeth has got a crazy wife.

Task: Write an advice leaflet for men with crazy wives.

Please pass on these ideas to the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.

A Boss Greenwood Dale school Sneinton Boulevard Sneinton, Nottingham

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