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Scotland - Childcare staff told to ditch the cotton wool

The "risk-averse" culture that can lead to children, particularly those in care, missing out on outdoor activities needs to be challenged, campaigners have warned.

Guidance called "Go Outdoors!" is designed to debunk safety myths and give clear advice to childcare staff afraid of being sued or blamed if an accident occurs.

It also has lessons for others working with children, including teachers, say the authors.

The report, published this week, has been issued by Tam Baillie, Scotland's Commissioner for Children and Young People, and the Scottish Institute for Residential Childcare.

Tam Baillie said: "How can a child learn to prevent or avoid accidents and become wiser in the process if they're not given the chance to take risks and put their learning into practice?

"A risk-averse and bureaucratic environment which leads to 'cotton wool' kids breaches children's rights and undermines healthy development." es.

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