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Scots - Cheers to the 'mither tongue'

Teachers who have focused their continuing professional development on the "mither tongue" will be feted at a special event run by the General Teaching Council for Scotland in February 2011.

The celebration will mark the fourth such professional recognition event run by the GTCS, but it is the first recognising teachers who have passed on their skills and knowledge of the Scots language in the classroom.

A spokesperson for the GTCS said: "Teaching Scots language to children and young people can help them to better understand the rich culture and heritage that Scotland enjoys. The inclusion of Scots language in Curriculum for Excellence gives children an opportunity to learn more about a language often heard at home but rarely in the classroom."

The event, on February 22 at the Scottish Parliament, is co-sponsored by Matthew Fitt, director of Itchy Coo, which works directly with teachers and pupils to develop reading and writing skills in Scots, and the parliamentary cross-party group on Scots language.

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