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Scots council does not want English

YOUR article about the difficulties of transferring to Scotland echoes the experience of my wife and I (TES, February 8).

It tooks us 12 months to register with General Teaching Council Scotland. We had to provide photocopies of degree certificates as well as references going back years. We were left feeling that our education and training was insufficient and that our resulting registration was only grudgingly agreed.

Since registering I have retrained to teach RE to A-level. But the Scottish GTC said that my additional subject could not be added until it was satisfied as to the standard of my retraining course. I am sure the course manager was as irritated, if not insulted, as I was to be told that the course was not up to the standard required by GTC Scotland.

The conclusion I have had to draw, reluctantly, is that GTC Scotland discriminates against English-trained teachers.

Stephen Mott 13, Beach Terrace, Newbiggin-by-the-Sea Northumberland

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