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Scots - Let's hear it for language

The first audit of Scots language provision has found widespread evidence of its use in the education sector, but more could be done in secondary schools.

The audit, commissioned by the Scottish Government, shows where there are providers, where there are gaps and what opportunities may exist to expand provision in Scotland.

The findings will be discussed at a conference in Stirling next week, at which Culture Minister Linda Fabiani and Schools and Skills Minister Maureen Watt will be present.

"The audit shows a wide range of individuals and organisations across Scotland providing services which facilitate and promote the use of Scots," Ms Fabiani said. "But it also sounds a warning that support for Scots is in some instances fragile, with a great deal of provision dependent on the dedication and hard work of a few individuals, much of it on a voluntary basis."

The conference will be held at Stirling University on Monday.

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