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Screen thrills

I am a "duffer" with computers. Put me in front of a VDU and I panic. I recently spent a morning "minding" students in an IT class while their regular teacher was otherwise engaged.

Two of the girl students tried, in vain, to improve my handeye co-ordination using the mouse. My attempts at moving the arrow on the screen always ended in it disappearing at the most alarming angles. The hoots of laughter which echoed round the room brought a neighbouring teacher in to see what all the noise was about.

The girls told me excitedly about their moves to college in the autumn term, and what courses they would be taking. Records of Achievement were proudly produced, along with certificates and badges. Their friendships and care for each other were touching and I shall remember that morning with the happiest of memories.

It was in a school for children with special educational needs, and my two computer "teachers" both had Down's Syndrome.

Mary Mills is a supply teacher living in Barrow on Trent, Derby

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