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The sea;Poem;Curriculum

Every day I look at the creatures who live inside me.

I stretch from coast to coast.

Sometimes seaweed pokes me.

There are parts of me I don't like - sewage, garbage, litter, dead animals.

In summer I ripple softly and feel very calm.

In winter I crash roughly and bang against the rocks.

Ice crackles on top of me like an earthquake.

Ships fall in me, sink, hit me, disturb my surface.

I let out my inner feelings in a rage of waves.

When seagulls float upon me and dolphins jump over me then I'm happy.I like to see life change around me and inside meand see the fishes being born in all different ways.

I know the secrets of me, the sea.

Written by P5 and P6, Whiteness primary school, Shetland, with Diana Hendry on a visit with the Scottish Book Trust's Book Bus

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