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Search for source of the `failure' leak

I was particularly disturbed by your news item naming "the first primary school judged to be failing to provide adequate education" (TES, October 14).

Confirmation of the need for special measures can only be made after two of Her Majesty's inspectors have visited the school on behalf of the chief inspector. On the basis of their advice, the chief inspector decides whether or not the "failing" judgment can be included in the written report. It is only at that point that the school becomes subject to special measures.

It was quite apparent from the article that the further visit by HMIs had not yet taken place at this school and that the written report had not been produced. The story can only have resulted from a breach of confidentiality.

I hope very much that the governors of the school will initiate an internal inquiry to ascertain whether or not the leak came from within the school.

This is not the first time that a school has been publicly labelled prior to its written report being published and I have written to the chief inspector to ask whether the source of the leak can be found and, where possible, if appropriate action can be taken.


General Secretary

National Union of Teachers

Mabledon Place

London WC1.

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