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Searching questions

I have some questions about school development plans. Here goes:

* How did good schools become good schools and stay that way before the 1980s when school development plans first appeared?

* Did Dr Arnold have a school development plan when he took over at Rugby in 1828?

* Does the Department for Education have a development plan? If so, what has happened to it?

* Was there a development plan for the national curriculum? If so, why did it fail? If not, why not?

* How many HMI or Office for Standards in Education inspectors have written or implemented a school development plan?

* How many opted-out schools had opting out in their school development plan?

* If they are so bloody wonderful, why doesn't the Government have a national development plan, like all those highly successful Communist countries used to have?

* Did Shakespeare have a playwriting development plan?

* Did Churchill have a victory development plan?

* What's the difference between a school with a good development plan and a good school?

* What the hell is a school development plan anyway?

Phil Taylor is head of South Manchester High School

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