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Domesday return

BBC Learning has made materials from its 1986 Domesday survey available again as part of a multimedia project called Domesday Reloaded. The public now has unprecedented access to view and update the material from the survey. Go to

Autism show

Teachers of children with autism can find plenty of insights and ideas at the Autism Show, on 24-25 June at ExCel London. The show includes workshops on practical skills, sessions by leading practitioners and exhibits from suppliers of learning equipment.

Disability help

The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities has produced a new range of online resources, designed to help young people with learning disabilities realise and develop their leadership skills. For more details, visit http:bit.lyFPLDresources




This is a series of 10 lessons on the film review component of AQA GCSE English language, put together by TESEnglish. It also includes a teacher handbook, scheme of work and a student log.

A lesson on genre includes a card sort activity, where pupils classify films ranging from Jaws to High School Musical, and a task where pupils have to identify genre features in the trailers for Saving Private Ryan and Avatar, plus cards that can be used for a plenary.

A lesson on music asks pupils to listen to the music in scenes from four films and describe the tone, what mood it creates and its effect on the audience, with reference to Moulin Rouge, The Rock and Gladiator, while another lesson looks at how images can be used to create an impression of character, using the examples of Darth Vader, James Bond and Maximus from Gladiator.

Lessons examining the technical side of film-making include activities on different types of camera shots, and filmic techniques, based on a scene from Black Hawk Down, which also includes a peer assessment task.

Two lessons look at the structure, content and language of writing film reviews, covering the key features of a print-based review using examples of reviews of Saving Private Ryan and World Trade Centre.

The concluding lessons examine assessment criteria and target grades, including tips on how to be successful in the controlled assessment.



Harry Potter, climate and music

This is a collection of materials for French, German and Spanish, with a cultural focus.

French resources include a lesson on Guadeloupe and Morocco, which can be used as a springboard to a wider project on Francophone countries, uploaded by littlemissmo. Hellabella has contributed a series of resources based around the first Harry Potter book and film, which can be used to revise topics, including shopping, families and opinions, while resources on the life of Monet can be used for grammar exercises (CombertonVillageCollege).

Among the German resources is a PowerPoint on football chants uploaded by rhawkes, who has also contributed a lesson on the German national anthem. Resources on JS Bach look at the background to his B-Minor Mass and can be used as part of a cross-curricular project with music (lauraintheholidays), while resources on German art aim to develop spontaneous conversation (rhawkes).

Spanish resources include a 10-lesson module that works on present tense verbs using a spy theme, and a six-lesson module on rap (both rhawkes). Six lessons on climate change include case studies (planuk) while hellabella has uploaded a lesson looking at whether bears should be released in the Pyrenees.




These resources look at how political power has changed from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, and include lesson plans, PowerPoints and worksheets.

The collection includes a worksheet on the Magna Carta and King John, looking at the barons' complaints and what is in the document, uploaded by charliers6, and a PowerPoint on the Magna Carta contributed by robjowett1, who has also posted a series of resources on the Peasants' Revolt.

Material uploaded by Googler asks pupils to look at who was responsible for the death of the revolt's leader, Wat Tyler.

Sarahscd has contributed a detailed resource looking at the transition from Tudors to Stuarts, covering problems between the monarchy and Parliament, while a lesson uploaded by em6826 examines the causes of the French Revolution. The collection also includes two sets of resources on the Peterloo Massacre, involving close study of sources, contributed by minnie123 and S Reed.

ChulmleighCommunityCollege has uploaded an exercise that explores the background, tactics and effects of the Suffragette movement, using contemporary sources, and a PowerPoint posted by Emily Thomas on the 1918 Representation of the People Act looks at why it was passed and what effect it had.

A half-term scheme of work uploaded by annajordan examines absolute power, including what power is and whether absolute power is possible, using examples ranging from Julius Caesar to Idi Amin.

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