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CENTRE PIECE - THE MAGAZINE OF ECONOMIC PERFORMANCE. Published by the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics. Annual subscriptions (3 issues). Students pound;7. Individuals pound;11. Organisations pound;25.

There is no doubt that the A-level magazine market is large. Centre Piece - The Magazine of Economic Performance is a relative newcomer from the Centre for Economic Performance, based at the London School of Economics. The issue reviewed is the first of Volume 3.

In 32 pages it covers a vast range of topics, most of which would be directly relevant tostudents who are taking either business studies, economics or GNVQ Business at Advanced level.

The cover story concerns "call centres", where banking, insurance and an increasing number of other enquiries are answered, 24 hours a day. The article is fascinating, and very much at the cutting edge.

In a special feature, two guest columnists argue the case for and against Britain joining the single European currency, and other articles concentrate on globalisation, part-time female workers, the minimum wage and car makers' productivity compared with their suppliers'.

There is a mass of detailed, relevant information that would be of considerable value to any student, but they would have to be at the top of the ability range. The text is quite dense and both the language and content are academic.

Some of the referencing is uneven or non-existent, and the data is not always sourced. Nevertheless, this is essential reading for staff, and should find its way into every school and college library.

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