Secret squirrel branches out

Roadkill, they call it in America, when you inadvertently squish something furry with your car. Many drivers scrape the remains into the boot for dinner, thus ensuring bunny did not die in vain.

But the roadkill evangelists are missing a trick in sticking to recipes.

What would they make of the supply teacher who enthused her infant class to do wonderful word work as they guessed the contents of her cardboard box? The answer - revealed at the lesson's end - was the dead squirrel she ran over on the way to work. Resourceful, but revolting. Aren't you left wanting more? How did the kids react? Was it impromptu, or did the teacher's lesson plan begin: "First kill your squirrel"? Did she then teach across the curriculum using Nutkin as a prop? For how long? And what on earth would Ofsted have made of it?

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