Secular way is fairest on pupils

Tes Editorial

Your correspondents who support faith schools (TES, July 29) seem to have a very skewed view of secular education. Its point is not to throw away religion, or slander it, but to present a balanced view of it - giving all the reasons people believe or do not believe in God and presenting an analysis of all the different religions and belief systems without giving undue bias to any of them, including atheism.

Atheists and most theists believe in a child's right to make a fair, uninfluenced choice in matters of religion, and a secular system allows them to do that.

To say, therefore , as your correspondent Alan Corner did, that this type of education is "leading our society to a position of self-destruction?" is absurd.

What would be worse for society would be for the nation's children to be educated in a school that forces the beliefs of the school authorities on them.

Chris Richards (age 14) 2 Willowbank Favordale RoadColneLancs

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