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Security crackdown to cost Pounds 200,000

Essential security measures in East Dunbartonshire schools are likely to cost more than Pounds 200,000. The council's education committee heard on Tuesday that a survey of half the schools involved had indicated extra spending of Pounds 110,000.

Officials began a study into security at 23 schools after the Dunblane tragedy and the stabbing of Philip Lawrence, a London headteacher, and recommended that an average Pounds 3,700 is spent on primary schools and Pounds 9,500 on secondaries.

A report by John McKeown, head of educational provision, suggests primaries should have front-door entry systems, push pads on perimeter doors and a panic alarm with three access panels. Secondaries should have six push pads on perimeter building doors, two panic alarms and perimeter fencing and security lighting.

The study found that schools had difficulty maintaining security because of the number of parents and others who used school grounds as a right of way or premises for voluntary group activities. In primaries, many parents were involved as helpers.

The council has recommended raising awareness among staff and pupils, reviewing kitchen deliveries and access for other users such as playgroups, restricting the number of access points and ensuring that visitors sign in and wear a badge. Schools should report all intruders and make special provision for staff and pupils in remote or vulnerable buildings.

Mr McKeown said schools wanted to retain a welcoming ethos.

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