See us, see deprivation

We always knew that East Renfrewshire had a "leafy suburb" complex, but we hadn't expected it to boast quite so much about how disadvantaged some of its people are.

Seizing on the publication last week of the HMIE's Missing Out report, the council proudly proclaimed itself as the 14th least deprived local authority in Scotland - or, as it might have said, the 18th most deprived.

Knock us down with a leafy suburb.

According to its press release, this happy position has "nailed for good"

the portrayal of the area as one where pupils get good results only because its denizens are well off.

Of course, East Renfrewshire's point is that, despite its mid-way place in the deprivation stakes, its schools still manage to perform 15 per cent above the national average in exam results, and it is only just pipped at the top by Shetland, which is described as the most affluent of Scotland's 32 local authorities.

OK, we get the point. All we can say now is: "Come on Glasgow, bring out your leafy suburbs."

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