Seeds of success start in primaries

Here we go again regarding primary school government funding with your article featuring Chancellor Gordon Brown's increase in school spending by pound;12.8 billion (TES, July 19).

That is an annual increase of 6 per cent after inflation but, as you highlighted, most of the extra funds will go towards secondary schools. Direct payments to an average secondary school will increase by pound;50,000 next year, while the funding to average primaries will increase by only pound;10,000.

Yes, we know that the Government is directing lots of funding to secondary schools owing to its sweeping reforms which may bury the comprehensive system. However, as primary schools and their governing bodies have always said, much more government money needs to be committed to primary education.

Additional money to reduce large class sizes, increase non-teaching support, provide non-contact time for primary teachers and fund more resources would have a positive impact on education overall.

Summer is a good time for gardening. When you plant a new seedling you need to water it well and provide lots of care. The more care you provide the better and more successful the plant will be when it grows up.

Come on government, if you water your primary schools with much more realistic finance there will be far less need to soak your secondaries.

Brian Cash 37 Corsbie Close Cathedral Meadows Bury St Edmunds Suffolk (Primary headteacher Westgate CP School Bury St Edmunds)

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