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Seeing is believing

We are always happy to see our Scottish-specific textbooks reviewed within the pages of Scotland Plus (especially when the reviews are highly complimentary).

So we were grateful to see Marj Adams's very favourable comments on Joe Walker's recent text, Nature of Belief. Quite legitimately, however, she takes issue with a number of aspects that would prevent her from using the book as a class set, preferring instead to use it as a single copy purchase for a source of ideas.

Without detailing a response to each issue, could I simply point out with equal legitimacy that others would disagree strongly. As well as achieving extremely impressive sales, the book has also been in receipt of enormously positive feedback ("very well written . . . good usable materials . . .

well set out . . . good value . . . a God-send . . . very user friendly" is a small selection of written feedback from teachers who have adopted it in large quantities).

We would consequently want to remind teachers that they shouldn't believe absolutely everything that they read in the papers.

John Mitchell Managing Director Hodder Gibson Christie Street Paisley

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