Selection vox

You referred to the "left-wing Conservative National Education Society" ("Selection may force new split", TES, October 11).

The CNES is emphatically neither left-wing nor right-wing. It is the only education organisation officially recognised by the Conservative party and its members' views encompass the full spectrum on educational matters.

The journalist specifically asked me about views in Surrey Heath, the constituency in which I live and, until last Christmas, worked as principal of Collingwood, which became grant-maintained in 1991 and a technology college in 1994. I have not heard demands for grammar schools in Surrey Heath, possibly due to the quality of the local education authority and GM schools in the area. However, this would not be true throughout the country. For example, CNES members in Milton Keynes have strongly supported - indeed demanded - the creation of a grammar school there.

PETER HALLS-DICKERSON Vice-president CNES Sparrow Row Chobham, Surrey

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