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SENDTMUSIC - In the spotlight

Singing in unison

Singer and songwriter Howard Jones' song Building Our Own Future will unite young people across the globe this summer as the focus of a new project called Voices Around the World.

What is it?

Schools and youth choirs can create their own recording of the song. The submissions will be mixed together and released as a single in December. So far, 206 schools in 38 countries are involved, including China, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, the UK and the US.

How to get involved

Vocals, choir parts and backing music are available for free from The deadline for submissions is 18 July. Recordings should be uploaded to the website.

What do teachers say?

Headteacher Michelle Thomas of Grazebrook Primary School in north London says: "Being part of a global recording is exciting for us all. We can't wait to hear the mass recording, knowing we're part of it."

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