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Sense of glamour bypass

Few education gatherings could claim to be A-list. But in an attempt to up the glamour quotient, Edison Schools, the education services provider, invited Mark Ronson, the music impresario, and actor Christian Slater, among others, to a drinks reception last week.

Did they turn up? Unfortunately not. At least Sienna Miller had the good grace to send her apologies - even if she seemed a little confused about the nature of the event: "I am sorry that I cannot attend your West End opening," was her excuse, read out to the crowd by Trevor Averre-Beeson, head of Salisbury School in north London.

But Gemma Arterton, the St Trinian's actress, was happy to join the party. And the paparazzi had their moment when Andrew Lansley, Tory health spokesman, made an appearance. Who needs Sienna?

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