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Shaking up music week

This year we developed our annual music week into a broader creative arts week by adding workshops with a storyteller and an artist to sessions on jazz singing and instruments.

These activities involved children throughout our special school for four to 19-year-olds.

We were also joined by pupils from several mainstream and special schools for an "inclusive" day of drumming and percussion.

The older students (pictured) made "birdshakers" with willow withes and paper, led by artist Tessa Garland.

The shakers made great parade rattles, as they looked stunning and had beans in tins concealed inside.

The students danced with their shakers to a jazz accompaniment, in part performed by pupils who had enjoyed a performance by singer Maggie Nicholls, followed by a quiz where they guessed which instrument was being played behind a screen, before having a go themselves.

The theme was spring, and so the children created artwork and music to reflect the colours and sounds of the season.

Parents were invited to come and enjoy the display.

roz norton

Deputy headteacher, Moselle Special School, Haringey, London

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