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A shameful waste of talent

I must admit to experiencing a few moments of profound irritation when I read your article entitled "Schools struggle to find headteachers" (TES, January 9).

My wife has been the head of two schools and has 15 years experience in the role. Her present school recently had an excellent inspection report and she has also been presented with an Investors in People award. Despite her popularity with parents and staff and her recognised success she is to be made redundant from July of this year owing to the reorganisation of schools in the town.

The local authority has offered an early retirement package although she would prefer to seek another position as a headteacher in the area and, if appointed, would continue to serve the community and the education service in an exemplary way for at least a further four years.

I fail to understand how, in this day and age, a person of such quality and experience can be permitted to be lost to the system.

Name and address supplied

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