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Sharing the same platform

Like many schools in urban areas, Stanley technical high school in Croydon, south-west London, employs large numbers of supply staff.

This can lead to lack of continuity in students' learning, but an electronic system that gives all teachers access to the same bank of content is helping to crack the problem.

According to Stanley's assistant head, Simon McCool, it also gives students a chance to take some control of the work that they are expected to do. Mr McCool describes the Capita Learnwise platform the school uses as a resource management tool that allows commercial software and bespoke materials to be uploaded and accessed anywhere there is an internet connection.

"On another level it is a complete curriculum interface allowing subjects such as ICT to give students a personalised learning programme which increases feelings of success and gives meaning to work," he says.

The school has to export data from this learning environment and import it into its administration system, but the next version of Learnwise will automate this process.

"Linking electronic assessment with the admin system will allow teaching staff to report on, assess, and challenge students fairly," Mr McCool explains. But he admits that there are likely to be problems because, traditionally, administrative staff have looked at one area of the management information system, and teaching staff at another.

The task now is to bring these two areas of expertise together and make sure both groups of staff can access all the information they need in order to see the big picture.

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