Sherston Software numeracy strategy learning resources based on the Olympics

Sherston Software has chosen sport - the Olympics - as the theme for its latest set of CD-Roms designed to teach and practise the specific mental calculation strategies outlined in the numeracy strategy framework for Years 4 and 5.

Teachers can set levels for individual pupils, or groups, and track progress. Each program comes complete with supporting activities and print materials including platinum, gold, silver and bronze awards which can be phoocopied and a personal score booklet.

An on-screen "coach" can be turned on if the teacher wants the pupil to have a step-by-step explanation of the most appropriate strategy for solving a calculation, or switched off for pupils to tackle calculations on their own. Mental Maths Olympics Year 4 and Year 5 for PC, Mac and Acorn, cost pound;49.95 each excluding VAT. Details from Sherston on 01666 843200 or visit its website at

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