The shopping list

Name: Mike Jones Position: support teacher for children with specific learning difficulties in Newport, Wales

Q If you had David Blunkett's budget what would your priority be?

A I would set up a compulsory national screening policy for specific learning difficulties. One trained teacher could cover a large comprehensive and all its feeders. This could save millions of pounds in terms of the educational costs of disaffected and frustrated pupils whose needs go unmet. I'd also award a sabbatical year for all teachers after seven years, with a minimum of six months in athird world country training, teaching or doing research.

Q If you had a blank cheque for your own school what would you buy?

A I'd get rid of makeshift, temporary classrooms which are still there after 20 years. I'd insist on buildings meant to last, surrounded by landscaping and plants.

Q What treat would you buy yourself?

A A colourful narrowboat and two season tickets for the RSC at Stratford and Newcastle FC.

Mike Jones was talking to Reva Klein. If you would like to publish a shopping list for education, please e-mail

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