The shopping list

Name: Peter Shotton. Position: Learning mentor team leader, Burnage high school for boys, Manchester

Q If you had David Blunkett's budget what would your priority be?

A I would appoint a full time counsellor therapist to the staff of every school. I would also develop a career structure for non-teaching staff, giving them decent pay and conditions. I know that the non-teaching mentors on my team have added a dimension to in-school support for pupils and parents.

Q If you had a blank cheque for your own school what would you buy?

A New buidings, complete with counselling and group-work rooms, sports hall, swimming pool and astroturf pitches. I'd also have a residential outdoor pursuits centre in the Peak District.

Q What treat would you buy yourself?

A Life membership of a health club, a house on the northern coast of Brittany, two tickets to a Premiership football match of my choice every week, a laptop computer and a new car every year.

Peter Shotton was talking to Reva Klein. If you would like to publish a shopping list for education, please e-mail

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