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@Dundee Physics

- One of my "jobs" for the summer is to start fundraising to get a 3D printer in every Dundee high school. bit.ly12LCueZ

@1314and allthat

- Surprised to read in detailed article in New York Times that exams have in fact been abolished in Scotland. nyti.ms11Heu6B

@maureen 0207

- In the office early - schools out, so all quiet - listening to St Paul's Primary innovative music DVD doesn't get any better.


- We complain about the sexualisation of children, then when a 10-year-old looks like a 10-year-old, people make fun. Depressing. #childgenius


- Met a student at graduation who is teaching in London. When asked in school how she knew so much, her answer was "I'm a #StrathBEd". Love it.

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