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- Pupils perform better when we praise the effort rather than the result.


- Our six-year-old grandson just told us we have too much art. "Do you look at them every day? If not, you should sell them. Just paint the walls."


- I'm rather envying this royal child hisher book collection. Every child should have such a library. Now there's an idea. #savelibraries


- Banging your head against a wall burns about 150 calories an hour.


- In the US the question is: are kids ready for school (or kindergarten)? In Finland the question is: are schools ready for all kinds of kids?


- We need to show the same creativity in reinventing institutions as we do in inventing technology.


- What was the best highlight of your year or the best lesson you learned? Prepared to share in a short post? for details


- Surely parents should censor the internet. And if we can "unblock" ourselves, what's the point?

@Gilchrist George

- If the gap between where you want to get to and where you are now is wide, you need to take small steps. Otherwise others may be unable to follow


- I am quite simply horrified at the thought of all teachers in the future being trained "on the job". This spells disaster.

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