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Short and tweet

Sociological fact for the day. There are 200 statues in Edinburgh. Two are of women - the same as the number of statues of dogs.


Analogue clock-making and time bingo, anyone? I will think of ways to help my class understand time!


Looking forward to a trip to Liberton High School in Edinburgh to take questions from pupils on sectarianism, conflict and human rights.


I've no dance background, but finished the choreography for our concert today. Primary teachers have to be multiskilled.


Thinking World War Z was not the best film to show on a plane. Especially while small child had screaming tantrum...


17 Nov 1939: Nazis executed Czech student leaders. That's why we observe International Students' Day. Remember those that take a stand against hatred.


On the day Doris Lessing dies, Miley Cyrus is the top trend. The universe is faintly weeping, if you listen.


You know, we're about five minutes away from some fucknut suggesting kids can learn particle physics using Angry Birds and twerking. Mark me.


Consensus between the parties: the fate of British capitalism rests on pupils' exam results. Evidence?


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