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Short and tweet

If any students with prelims tomorrow are reading this - GO TO BED.


Reminder to my exam classes: if you write that hurricanes are caused by gay marriage you will fail the exam #ukip


Teachers of Wales! Compare the intelligence (on Scotland's Curriculum for Excellence) with the idiocy coming from Cardiff. http:t.coYVgdCiVbhT


@FailingWales People of Wales ... speak to secondary teachers first!


@mrdissent I'm listening! What's happening in secondary education?


@FailingWales Vague curricula, online updates to assessment without notice, too much content and no listening leadership.


@mrdissent Disappointed to hear that - getting so much positivity from primary teachers.


@FailingWales CfE secondary was supposed to free teachers and students from too much content and over-assessment. (It) has failed ...


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