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Short and tweet

Hope I never have to engage pupils by shooting birds then carrying them around on a stick. #ToughYoungTeachers


It's like a dagger to the heart when a talented pupil announces "I'm not taking maths next year - I don't like it!"


Our survey finds that a third of people aged 16-24 don't know the correct definition of a genocide.


If Scottish butchers produced a literary themed square sausage infused with herbal tea, would it be called "The Camomile Lorne"?


Girl in care not allowed to go to school because she's from care home. Send head info on local anti-stigma campaign. Girl starts on Monday.


Essay feedback: commitment to radical behaviourism is "an unfashionable cause"! Thanks, Twitter, for showing me this is not quite the case.


Currently listening to discussion on theories behind how we create theories about theories. Research student woes.


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