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Short and tweet

If you genuinely believe that students must earn your respect before you afford them any, may I suggest that teaching is not the gig for you


"The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you." BB King


The problem with being on secondment is no teachers' holidays. The advantage is that I don't need teachers' holidays #NotExhausted


As writing evolves how do we make it accessible for all learners? Is multimodal writing more accessible by nature?


How refreshing to have a person on the telly saying nice things about teachers! Thanks, Dame Helen (Mirren) #Baftas


Helen Mirren's journey began with a great teacher. Don't ever forget the power of good teachers...


Stress-related absence rose by 20 per cent since merger at Edinburgh College. Surveys warned of problem but largely ignored #conditionsnotforsale


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