Short and tweet

Polar bears' fur is actually transparent, not white. It is the reflection of the sun that makes it appear white. #fact


25 minutes early for school pick-up and I'm not even the first car here. What is wrong with these people?


Who knew you could now buy schoolbags with built-in windows allowing use - or perhaps display - of your tablet? pic.twitter.comPDsqWijwxO


Favourite part of the visit to St Francis (Primary School) was putting my name on the Nurture Tree helped by River and Logan from P1 - feel privileged.


Calling all teachers of Scottish Physical Education...join the SATPE (Scottish Association of Teachers of Physical Education) today and give your profession a voice.


Beautiful mass today for Feast of St Ninian. What outstanding singers our children are :)


Men: show how much of a moron you are by doing something mildly amusing or very offensive and then using the hashtag #lad afterwards.


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